Posts about Accounting

  • Expense Reduction

    Expense reduction has been the drumbeat of accountants since the beginning of time. It may seem that your accountant only wants to act as a gatekeeper and that he/she will answer an emphatic “no” to any question that might incur an expense.

  • Expense Approval Systems

    Sometimes, the attitude of “it’s fine, we have the money” prevails. So how do you prevent this slow (and seemingly insignificant) trickle of cash from leaving your bank account? Expense approval! It’s easy to set up, it’s easy for employees to use, and it works for any size company. Here are the steps…

  • What is your Z-Score?

    Want to sound smart at a party? Use the term Z-Score. The ladies will gravitate towards your financial machismo and the fellas will be in awe of your business acumen. Ok, that’s a (more than) slight exaggeration, but this somewhat abstract financial measurement can actually tell you a lot about your company: Here’s how it works…

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