The Strong

I recently read a quote via Twitter stating: “In the regular world only the strong survive… in the Jiu-Jitsu world the strong help the weak get strong, and we all survive.” Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate the exact origin of the quote, but that doesn’t really matter. What stuck me was the underlying principle and practical application in business, or really anywhere else for that matter. This quote specifically refers to martial arts, but many companies and executives take the stance that for me to be successful, for me to win, you have to lose. For sporting events this is accurate, but for most other endeavors it simply isn’t true. Luckily, in most small business communities there is plenty of market share for all of us. Competitors can actually help form a more robust industry as a whole, and can expand the market for everyone’s benefit. When an industry, economy, or individual company gets stronger, we all prosper.

Which leads to today’s question. What have I done to make the weak strong? Or (more specifically), what I have done recently to mentor a new person in my profession? What have I done recently to promote my profession as a whole? What have I done recently to enhance my local economy? If you don’t like the answer, the solution is easy enough. Just remember, somewhere along the line we all benefited by someone else’s work with us or within our industry. When the people coming out of college now turn fifty, what will they say about your contribution?

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