We strengthen core elements of your business
with complete outsourced CFO and controller services


When you bond with Covalent, whether for accounting, CFO, or controller servers, our team will be there to grow and strengthen your business.

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Accounting made simple

Accounting totally sucks for small business owners. Why? Because normal people don’t know how to do it. And normal people don’t want to do it. Even if you happen to be one of those brave souls attempting to do your own bookkeeping, there’s a good chance you’ll end up doing it wrong anyway, which will then send you running to your tax guys for help.

We can help. Since 2006, our (mostly normal) Covalent team has been building accounting systems and handling everything from basic bookkeeping to outsourced CFO work for business owners. We’re here to be your accounting department (read: we do everything) or to manage your accounting department (read: we build the systems, train your staff, oversee the whole process). Most importantly, we’ll provide monthly financial statements so you can consistently see how your company is performing. Once your head is clear of accounting nightmares, you’ll be able to make better-informed business decisions and have time to get back to doing what normal people enjoy doing.

Our approach

As a small company, you really have something special going on. You've been able to create a work environment that's adaptable, motivated, and fast-paced all while keeping close relationships with your employees and clients. But, since the very first day your business opened, your life was swallowed up by a daily to-do list longer than your arm. And that's where we come in. We're here to help take a number of those absolutely-must-do items off your list—forever.

At Covalent, we live by a few simple beliefs. First, your business should support and fuel your lifestyle—not the other way around. When given the chance, always wear jeans to work; you won't regret it. Last, but not least, when we work together as businesses, we get to make each other stronger. And that's our job, whether it's accounting, coaching, or technology support that you need, we're here to help.

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I can't say enough about how Covalent has helped me. I love that I can focus my energy on growing my business rather than the numbers and books. I don't have to wonder how my business is really doing. I get a detailed report every month that lets me know just where I stand. That's a huge relief!

-Mollie, CEO of The Glow Lounge

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Working with Covalent gives me extra time to focus on growing my business, minimizes my liabilities to Uncle Sam, and knowing that they can fix even the biggest of my accounting boo-boos provides some extra nightly Z's!

-Jacob, Head of The Traveling Photo Booth

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Hiring Covalent was one of the best decisions we made. They have been invaluable in helping us form and stick to strategies for growth and profit. As a result, we have more time to spend with our families and less time is spent worrying about taxes, networking and deciding on where we should advertise.

-Jenea, Owner of Rosetree Weddings & Events

If I lost my data, it would ruin my business. Crashplan is my catcher in the rye. It gives me peace of mind, because I know that everything I do is backed up every fifteen minutes. If I have a problem or question, Covalent is right there for me. It's easily the best $10/month I spend.

-Rob, Head of Cloud 9 Pixels